Dispute Analysis / Receiverships

Most companies deal with business relationships of every sort and variety. As such, disputes are inevitable. While many issues of conflict are solved between parties, some are more complex, court appointed receiver is appointed and problematic.

It's never too early to seek independent advice.

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Whether in an informal setting or a situation requiring litigation, mediation or arbitration, disputes are prone to complications. Businesses should act quickly for resolution and it's never too early to seek independent advice.

RMA provides expert witness and consulting expertise in a variety of complex litigation matters. We work with attorneys and corporate clients across a broad range of industries. Additionally, as CPAs and business appraisers, we are commonly retained to assist attorneys to analyze and calculate the value of their clients' claims and rebut claims against their clients. Our team of highly qualified professionals is also experienced as receivers or accountants to receivers.

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Business is becoming increasingly complex and competitive, and conflicts can arise for a variety of reasons. Disputes often involve critical financial and economic implications. Hesitation or failure to handle these issues properly can have negative consequences that are difficult, and at times impossible, to overcome.
Disputes may fall into the following areas:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Transactional disputes
  • Ownership/shareholder disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Securities litigation

When matters of dispute occur or are being contemplated, swift and decisive action serves to help protect business continuity. RMA provides expertise in a variety of situations requiring dispute analysis and receiverships. With years of hands-on experience, we’ll help you to navigate through data analysis, property rights and licensing, regulatory requirements, discovery, settlement negotiations, expert reporting and testimony, and other aspects of the legal environment. We use advanced techniques to sift through the increasing realities of today’s electronic data environment.

Dispute Analysis and Receivership Services include:

Breach of contract

Business interruption

Business valuation

Lost profits analysis

Expert testimony &
litigation support

Commercial litigation

Shareholder disputes

Commercial damages


Accountants to receivers

Challenges & Solutions

Do you need an independent evaluation for a breach of contract?

Many companies establish and maintain a variety of business relationships, any of which can bring unforeseen challenges.

Intellectual property rights or licenses

You've discovered an infringement on proprietary business methods or products. Do you know the value of your intellectual property rights or licenses?

Is your company facing property damages?

To effectively manage through the complexities of a large insurance claim, businesses must be prepared to meet a host of requirements and other distracting minutia.

Subpoena Process

Your company has received a subpoena for its electronic accounting records or email data files. Do you know what steps to take or how to proceed?