Business Workout & Turnaround

Businesses are often subjected to challenges — financial and otherwise. Whether due to internal or external issues, companies have a wide variety of options from which to set up and manage a successful turnaround.

Sink or swim?

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While a downturn in business is often hard to predict or control, solutions to devise and execute a workout strategy should not be procrastinated. Depending on the needs of your company, a turnaround specialist can offer a flexible approach tailored to improve your business operations.

The turnaround professionals at RMA are a valuable resource for distressed companies and their creditors and stakeholders. Our professionals have provided turnaround/ consulting services in various situations across a number of diverse industries. We help companies understand critical causes of poor results and assist management in executing the strategic decisions necessary to restore distressed companies to profitability. We also help companies negotiate with creditors and other parties.

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When faced with declining business viability, get an expert on board early while there is still cash flow, work backlog and sales revenues. A turnaround expert will help you to quickly determine goals, problems and options. Our process includes:

  • Prepare necessary documentation and
    plans. These may include business valuations, cash flow projections, business plans, and financial analysis of major legal documents such as leases, contracts and loans.
  • Set a strategy. This may include reducing costs, implementing cash flow management techniques, increasing revenues, or bankruptcy. We also help to coordinate legal counsel and other advisors as needed.
  • Make necessary changes. We will both
    advise and help to implement the turnaround decisions as dictated by the strategic planning in a timely, efficient manner.

Every day counts when facing a business crisis. RMA has the experience you need with business workout and turnaround situations. We offer a flexible approach tailored to improve your operations, stabilize cash flow, capture revenue opportunities, and protect the core company and its owners.

Business Workout and Turnaround services include:

Debt restructuring
and loan workout

Asset sales

Troubled business financing

Potential cost reductions

Reorganization plans

Operational improvement

Cash flows and liquidity issues

Expert testimony

Litigation support

Challenges & Solutions

Struggling with outside business factors?

Escalating competition, increased business costs, and declining markets all represent changes that business owners can't control.

Lost critical funding sources?

Even when businesses are doing well, sources of continued financing and credit can sometimes be difficult to obtain.

Overextended with vendors?

When cash flow slows, putting off payment to vendors can be a tempting source of temporary refuge. However, persistent problems with cash flow can result in ompounded challenges for distressed companies.

Experienced a business interruption?

The financial implications can be complicated, debilitating and devastating, with or without insurance.