Bankruptcy / Restructuring Accountant

At least eight out of every ten businesses face financial difficulty at some point. Whether due to economic conditions, faulty business strategy or other factors, matters of pending insolvency or bankruptcy are a difficult reality for some businesses.

Don’t make the mistake of “giving up.”

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Although every effort should be made to avoid bankruptcy, when it is the best solution businesses often make the mistake of "giving up" and/or making irrational decisions. Even in bankruptcy, owners still have important choices to make and creditors often require operational procedures to increase recoveries and minimize risk.

Our experienced team of restructuring professionals is a valued resource for distressed companies, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees and other stakeholders. Our team of credentialed Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors provides services related to reorganization, preference recovery, litigation support, liquidation, investigation, and expert witness testimony to a wide range of clients and industries.

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Regardless of which “side of the coin” you’re on, debtor or creditor, bankruptcy can be a troubling, complicated matter. However, when planned and managed expeditiously, bankruptcy can be a tool for future success.

Debtors have a number of actions to take, including:

  • Own up: Don’t make a bad situation worse with procrastination.
  • Reorganize: Negotiate out of court if possible— options for turnaround/workout are many.
  • Counsel/advisors: Involve legal and accounting professionals early.

To best manage bankruptcy exposure, creditors should plan for at least the following three stages:

  • Assessment: Critical before and after a filing.
  •  Negotiation: To improve recovery solutions.
  • Litigation: Never pleasant, but sometimes necessary.

RMA has the knowledge, understanding and experience you need for comprehensive debt and equity restructuring. We have broad, deep experience in helping debtors and creditors with workouts, tax issues, financial impacts, valuations, litigation, liquidation, investigation and expert testimony. RMA also works with creditors’ committees to maximize financial returns in difficult situations.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring services include:

Advising creditors and creditor committees

Bankruptcy taxation

Corporate reorganization

Debt restructuring and loan workout

Expert testimony

Preferential transfers

Fraudulent conveyances

Insolvency analysis

Liquidation Investigation

Challenges & Solutions

Creditors demanding payment?

When a delinquent debt is called and other resources exhausted, the result is often too little cash to meet operational needs, let alone growth.

Lost a critical client?

Whatever the reason, the loss of a key account can result in loss of necessary cash flow to meet business needs.

Hit with unplanned tax burdens?

Unintentionally mishandling tax laws may result in heavy back payments that can overwhelm a company's financial resources.

Have external market conditions affected your business model?

Whether it is a bad economy or new competition, new market conditions can change the way a business operates overnight.