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Business Workout and Turnaround Strategies

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Forensic Accounting paper

What is Forensic Accounting

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How do you Calculate the Value of a Business?

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Alter Ego, Successor Liability and Substantive Consolidation Cases

May 20, 2019 READ MORE

By Matt H. Connors CPA/ABV, CFE Questions related to the value of a partial or 100 percent business interest can become central issues of disputes. These questions frequently arise in connection with the value of a privately held business for which no market price is readily available. Identifying an appraiser who is experienced in applying […]

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By John H. Curtis CPA/ABV, CFE, CIRA We recently received a phone call from a financial controller for a relatively small company. He was looking for a forensic accountant and informed us that they had discovered what appeared to be a pattern of embezzlement by the former financial controller and his wife. The controller had […]

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